November 30, 2023

Abaco Pools
8410 SE Bridge Rd. Hobe Sound (across from Harry and the Natives) 

December 2, 2023

Club's Float Participation 1:30PM
Hobe Sound Christmas Parade
Club Theme - Have a Hippie Holiday!

Bridge Road 
Meetup location TBD

December 10, 2023

$50/years Contract Belinda Lowe
[email protected]

December 10, 2023

Natives Helping Natives
Gift Wrapping for Kids  1:45-2:45pm

Harry and the Natives
11910 SE Fed. Hwy., Hobe Sound

December 10, 2023

Club Holiday Celebration 3PM

Cindy Keegan's Home

June 1, 2024

Miles Grant Country Club
5101 SE Miles Grant Road, Stuart
Ticket on sale now.