HSWC 30th Anniversary Memories

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Rosemary Rayman


The most laughs I had with the club members was during our "Skeleton's In Your Closet" Fashion Show & Luncheon. Just watching our members model the most outrageous fashions was hysterical - like 1-piece sun-suite, items purchased on vacation or big shoulder pad sweaters.  Each of knew that somewhere in our closet we had a similar item hidden away.!

Belinda Lowe


My most favorite memory is some years ago when sitting at Harry and the Natives and Rosemary somehow talked me into being President of the club. I’m not sure I was even a member at the time, but she has a “Tom Sawyer” way about her. I just couldn’t say no. And I can honestly say I am glad I didn’t, now having enjoyed working with all of you these many years.