HSWC 30th Anniversary Memories

Be part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration. Share your comments, experiences and memories of the Hobe Sound Women's Club. Email them to [email protected]. 

Thank you for being part of our history!

Susan Helmke


I have several favorite memories but the ones in particular are the yearly Christmas Parades in our beautiful town of Hobe Sound. All of us dressing up so festive and the hundreds of hometown people, children and pets totally enjoying everyone’s efforts to make that day so special. The joy, laughter and appreciation of that day, not just for us but for everyone involved makes this event truly a memorable one for sure. As for the organization, I can see it comes from the heart. All the things we do, even if it’s the simplest thing to put a smile on someone’s face, like an afternoon tea at a Nursing home that we have done. The community Butterfly Garden, Annual Academic Scholarships, It takes a Village project. These are just a few projects that make all of our lives and others in need worthwhile.

Mindy Wenst


My fondest memory thus far is… I was a first time vendor at the Hometown Festival and all of you ladies looked like you were all having so much fun and it was so well organized, that I knew I just had to join! Plus, Be’s sense of humor with “boarding the train,” a vendor actually thought we were all boarding a train to get to the Hometown Festival!!! This cracked me up! I am now a second year member and enjoy helping out when I can.

Rosemary Rayman


The most laughs I had with the club members was during our "Skeleton's In Your Closet" Fashion Show & Luncheon. Just watching our members model the most outrageous fashions was hysterical - like 1-piece sun-suite, items purchased on vacation or big shoulder pad sweaters.  Each of knew that somewhere in our closet we had a similar item hidden away.!

Belinda Lowe


My most favorite memory is some years ago when sitting at Harry and the Natives and Rosemary somehow talked me into being President of the club. I’m not sure I was even a member at the time, but she has a “Tom Sawyer” way about her. I just couldn’t say no. And I can honestly say I am glad I didn’t, now having enjoyed working with all of you these many years.